When do I need a permission form?
A parent/guardian release form is required for all youth who participate in any events at St. Margaret Mary. It is a one-time form that is signed by each parent/guardian, and is good for an entire year. This form is required by the Diocese for insurance purposes. These forms can be accessed from the website. They are also mailed every August in the welcome packet.

Do I have to register?
Yes. Every August there is a Welcome to SMM Youth Ministry kit mailed to every youth in grades 6 – 12. We base our membership on the registration forms that we get back. Our database is fed with these registration forms, so if there is not a registration form, there will not be any future mailings sent after the initial one.

Senior High Registration - click here.
Junior High Registration - click here.

Does it cost anything?
There is no cost to belong to SMM Youth Ministry. When we go on trips there are costs involved, but there is scholarship money available through the Diocese to help defer this. We also give credit for participation in faith formation and service projects to earn free trips to Sandcastle, and Seven Springs. Money should never be a reason for you to not join youth ministry.

Can I bring a friend?
Yes. Yes. Yes. Friends are always welcome. We do not expect your friends to be Catholic, but they need to know that this is a Catholic ministry. A parent/guardian release form is required for any friends that are attending any events other than the regular meeting.

Is there food at the youth functions?
Plenty of fruits and vegetables. Just kidding, there is always something good to eat. We will never send you home hungry.

How do families fit into the picture?
We are always looking for volunteers. It takes a lot of help, from many people to have a youth ministry program. We are always in need of chaperones, drivers, people who are willing to provide snacks; the list could go on and on. If everyone would give a little bit of time, it would be less of a burden on those who give a lot of time. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Donna Misak at dmisak@smmlb.org.

Click here for Parent/Volunteer information.