Sacramental Marriage Preparation

The Church has traditionally had a great concern that engaged couples have the opportunity to grow in the love they will pledge on their wedding day. Preparation for the Sacrament of Marriage aims to assist couples in developing a fuller understanding of the unique nature of the marriage covenant. Marriage is one of the seven Sacraments of the Catholic Church, a sacrament of “vocation.” It celebrates God’s summons to the engaged couple to form a permanent “community of life and love” patterned on the love of Christ.

Marriage preparation at St. Margaret Mary Church is aimed at helping engaged couples to reflect upon their marriage commitment as a part of God’s unique plan for their life together. Time is therefore required to consider the profound meaning of the marriage vows, to complete the necessary marriage forms and records, and to plan the wedding liturgy. Ideally, marriage preparation should begin at least one year from the time of the scheduled date.

Steps in the Process

• Schedule wedding date
• Attend Wedding Workshop
• First Interview with Priest to review FOCCUS
• Marriage Preparation with Sponsor Couple (or Engaged Encounter Weekend)
• Appointment with Music Director to review wedding liturgy
• Second Interview with Priest - to complete marriage forms
• Wedding Ceremony Review (if necessary)
• Wedding Rehearsal

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