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“Cell Phone Parenting”.  How important it is today to understand how your youth are connected; who are they talking to?, what “chat rooms” are they visiting?, so much information and information that is constantly changing.  For more information on how to understand your youth’s world within their cell phone click here.


Kids' and Teens' Movie Guide
Decide which major releases are appropriate for your kids, from the youngest moviegoers to high schoolers on the brink of adulthood. Read more about the Common Sense Media rating system or click here to read the latest movie reviews and ratings from Common Sense Media.

Apps for Kids on the Autism Spectrum
Innovative new apps and mobile technology can open doors and inspire kids to learn. Read more

Books with Characters on the Autism Spectrum
Great for kids on the spectrum and their friends and family, these compelling reads are lots of fun and help kids build empathy and understanding. Read more 

Parents Are Their Children's Best Advocates
Common Sense Kids Action: Our new grassroots movement of parents, teachers, and community members aims to make kids a public policy priority. Read more