The Consolation Ministry reaches out to the families of St. Margaret Mary Church who are experiencing the initial shock and grief of losing a loved one.

“Consolation” has many meanings: Listening, Empathizing, Caring, Praying, Touching, Remembering, Presence, Gentle Silence, Hope, Comfort, Love.

Various teams of 4-to-6 parishioners take turns to deliver a sandwich ring and potato salad, along with a sympathy card, to the family member’s home on behalf of our parish family.  The food is ordered from a local grocery store and is paid by our church.

The team also visits the funeral home to conduct a brief prayer vigil during the visitation time.

Then, following the first month, sixth month, and one year anniversaries of the loved one’s death, a member of the team lights a candle in the church and makes a supporting phone call to the surviving family member.

The Consolation Ministry answers Christ’s call to, “serve one another.”

If you have any questions on how you can serve in this ministry, please call the office at 724-335-2336.